Conflict and Suppression

I am the first one to try and see all sides to every conflict and story. I manage to even rethink the things that I have done, said or even felt. Recently though I have come to recognize that while thinking about how everybody else feels, I have forgotten about my own feelings and reasons for being hurt or upset.

I am starting to question if this is healthy or not. I have let my emotions sit on the back burner and I think a fire is about to arise. How can I fix this situation? Not one party is truly happy and because of that I feel like ignoring my own problems has not made any impact of helping ease the situation.

I spend most of my time attempting to avoid all of the conflicts and issues yet I am the easy person to speak to for advice. I do not want to be a part of the problem, I want to spend everyday happy and inspired. How can I do that when madness is occurring all around me though?

If I speak out then my blunt honesty will kill connections and relationships. Many cant accept the truth. So I am now forced to bite my tongue and hope for everything to be better. I am unsure how much longer my mental state can handle the amount of suppression. I need a way out.

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