February 17, 2015


I’m attempting to arrange my dying ranunculus from Valentine’s Day and found fox skull under my giant bell cloche jar. I’m just crossing my fingers that once they dry, it turns out like I imagined. If not, only a good reason to buy more ranunculus while they’re in season, right?

All of this is just a distraction from preparing for Clementine’s first birthday party. And by “preparing” I mean fretting over the possibility of even more impending snowfall, and routinely attempting to clear our walkways. If we had an actual yard, worthy of being referred to as a yard, I’d be defying Mother Nature’s wrath by throwing the most incredible sledding party ever for Clementine.

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February 14, 2015

Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day! Almost exactly two years later, I’ve decided to give this whole thing another try. This is my first Valentine’s Day as a mother. It’s true, what they say about the unconditional love you feel for your child. So, this year is a celebration of my love for the two most important people in my life.


Our idea of romance has shifted to vegan blueberry crepes with homemade whipped coconut cream, thrift stores, binge-watching Friends, and then a dinner of vegan spanakopita at home.


He knows I’d prefer ranunculus over roses any day.

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February 13, 2013

Cabinet cards of tattoos from the 1880’s to 1910. The originals can be purchased here.






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February 12, 2013

My dear Civil War era carpet bag is going off to a new home today. I really struggled with whether to part with it or not.



It has a wool floral needlepoint front, leather sides and bottom, and framed leather top.


The inside has a stamp, too old to make out any words, and a feather stitched pocket.

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February 11, 2013

Hello, I’m Tess Fine. This is my photo journal, with some words.

I’m longing for the flea market to reopen this spring. I gathered some of my favorite $1.00 finds from last season.


Victorian educational inserts.


1917 weekly time book & old leather souvenir notepad.



Pre-prohibition J.F. Wiessner & Sons Brewing Co. tumblers.

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